NEW evidence in JFK Assassination!

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JFK Groden

50 years ago today, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was executed in a hail of gunfire on Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas.   Since that day, our nation has searched for the truth behind the assassination. 

Prospero’s & Conspiracy Publications is excited to announce the release of JFK, Absolute Proof by legendary assassination researcher, Robert Groden  (350 pages, nearly 1,000 color photos).   Cost: $75

Epic Filmmaker, Oliver Stone offered these words about JFK, Absolute Proof on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now (11/5/13): 

“Bob Groden has done the best photographic analysis…he has beenon this thing 30 years.  He’s the best.  Talk to the people who really have studied pathology, autopsied and photo evidence.”  ~ Oliver Stone

For a limited time it is ONLY AVAILBLE anywhere in the world at Prospero’s Uptown Books (816) 931.2665 or    (and yes, Spartan Press helped edit, layout and bring this historic book to print). 


1) photos of the race to save Oswald’s life on the Parkland Hospital operating table

2) the 1st time publication in a book of the  'Smoking Gun” memo from CIA Director, John McCone, to U.S. Secret Service Chief, James Rowley, presenting written ‘offical’ admission that:

 * Lee Harvey Oswald was trained and employed by the CIA and the ONI

* Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT kill JFK, and

* That President Kennedy was killed by persons “in the employ of this agency as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation…”

3) NEW, graphic, photographic proof a the 2nd deadly headshot to President Kennedy

4) Kennedy autopsy photographs

5) NEW, photographic evidence of the location of President Kennedy’s brain, which went missing following a curious, second autopsy that contradicted nearly ALL eye-witness and on-scene