WTF - Programs

Write the Future's programs have been designed to support the key elements of our mission (to identify, nurture, share, preserve and enjoy uniquely Middle-American writing):

1.  Publication (across a full spectrum of available media)

    a.   Publish new literary works of note

    b.  WTF Arts & Letters quarterly  (the disappearance of newsprint 'books' pages has highted the need for                   non-academic review

     c.  Self-publication:  expanded opportunities for writers willing to assume management and risk of their original work

2.   New Audiences evolving rapidly, the literary arts must harness emerging forms of electronic and graphic media

     a.  WTF - a weekly 1-hour literary arts webcast

     b.  WTF eZine/blog

     c. Develop new outlets for publication and review through new media

3.   Artist Support - provide assistance to writers when and where they need it, not when they conform to our schedule

      a.  Direct Support (Grants) 

      b. Database Development

           i.   Media database

           ii.   New Media resource directory

           iii.  Market specific research and support

     c.   Training

           i.   access to professional editing and peer review

           ii.   meaningful networking

           iii.  new media strategy development

4.  Preserving a record - due to current communication trends, vital record of our literary history are being inadequately preserved and risk being lost forever.

     a.  Archive Development

          i.   Print

          ii.  Audio

          iii.  Video

          iv.  Ephemera